Location: The labeled tree is right of the No. 16 fairway.  There are several there and are the trees in the islands in the front parking lot.

Tree information: Turkish Hazelnut. The heavy textured dark green foliage is usually disease free and the tree is very tolerant of heat, cold drought and pH adaptable.  Has consistent symmetrical habit when grown in the open. Seed from this varietal are often used to make Nutella.

Size: Usually 50’ but can grow to 70 or 80’.  It is the largest of the Hazel trees.

Growth rate: 35’ in 20 years, 50’ in 50 years.

Foliage description: Dark green and yellow to purple in fall. Has ornamental value male catkins.  The fruit is grouped 3 or more together.

USDA hardiness zone: 4 to 7

Provenance: Schictel’s Nursery. Seed were collected from Olmsted Park stock in Buffalo, NY.  Planted in 1996.