Location: The labeled tree is right of the No. 2 fairway adjacent to the No.1 green. There are several other Red Buckeyes along the No.2 and one right of No. 12.

Tree Information: The tree is famously attractive to hummingbirds.  The seeds and young shoots are poisonous if ingested, and indigenous people crushed these parts and put them in water to stupefy fish for easier capture. Soap may be obtained from the roots and a black dye from the wood. Specific epithet honors 17th century Dutch botanist Peter Paaw (Petrus Pavius).

Size: 10 to 20’ high with equal or larger spread. National Champion is 46’

Growth rate: Fairly slow growing at perhaps one foot per year.

Foliage description: It has the characteristic palmate leaf structure of the Genus. The fruit can be abundant and the flowers attractive to hummingbirds.


USDA hardiness zone: 4 to 8

Provenance: Schictel’s Nursery. These plants are from original Olmsted Park stock in Rochester, NY.    Planted in 1998.