Location: There are several on the course including to the labeled tree on the right of the fairway near the creek on No. 2, left of No. 14 tee and behind No. 1 green.

Tree information: Also called western yellow pine and blackjack pine. The bark is yellowish brown and scaly.   This is the economically most important of the Pine trees in western North America.  Second only to Douglas fir in total annual production of lumber. It is the Montana state tree and the official city tree of Spokane.

Size: averages 60 to 100’ with large older trees over 200’.

Growth rate: Moderate about 75’ in 50 years.

Foliage description: Best identified by its long needles (5” to 10” long”) grouped in threes.  Cones are terminal and solitary or in groups of 3 to 5 with a recurved prickle at the end of the scales.

USDA hardiness zone: 3 to 7     
Provenance: Planted in the 1950s of unknown origin.