Location: Several are located to the right of the No. 15 fairway in the “Argonne”. There are many other specimens scattered throughout the course.  The tagged tree is located near the beginning of the greenside cart path on No. 18.

Tree information: Generally, a lowland tree of the eastern and central United States.  Tolerates wet conditions well.  Can be long lived up to 300 years and many arboretum specimens have long clear trunks up to 50’ before the first branch.

Size: Commonly 80’ tall with similar width.  National Champion 93’ x 102’

Growth rate: Rapid in youth, moderate after.

Foliage description: Dark green above with tomentose (velvety) silver white below (thus the name ‘bicolor’).  Yellow brown to reddish fall color.  Flaky bark on young trees.

USDA hardiness zone: 3 to 8

Provenance: Schichtel’s Nursery. Seeds were collected from Olmsted Parks, South Park in Buffalo, NY. First planted in the early 1990s and have been used since then in areas with problem soils.