Location:  There are several of these plants on the course. A line of Sawtooth Oaks is behind the green on No. 5. The labeled tree is in this group. An additional specimen is to the right of the No. 16 fairway.

Tree information :  Tree of Asian origin related to the Turkey oak. Fast growing and easily established with good tolerance of a variety of pH conditions.  A nice specimen is in Arlington National Cemetery


Size: 40 to 60’ with equal spread.

Growth rate: fast growing to 40’ to 60’ at over 2 feet per year with comparable spread.

Foliage description: Long leaf with characteristic sawtooth shape.  Heavily scaled acorn. Leaves open yellow to golden with yellow fall color as well.


USDA hardiness zone: 5 to 9

Provenance: Schictel’s Nursery.  Seeds were collected from Durand Eastman Park in Rochester, NY.