Location: Several are found to the right of the No. 11 fairway. The tagged tree is to the right of No. 11 fairway near the No. 3 back tee.

Tree information:  The plant is native to East Asia and has common names including Chinese dogwood, Korean Dogwood and Japanese dogwood. This tree is known for its colorful bark and fruit in addition to the flower. Like Cornus florida the bloom itself is very small but the showy bracts give it a striking spring show.  It usually blooms 2 to 3 weeks after Cornus florida.

Size: 20’ to 30’ in maturity.

Growth rate: Slow growing (usually less than a foot a year)

Foliage description: Typical Dogwood leaf shape with excellent fall color in most years. Color varies from yellow to purple.


USDA hardiness zone: 5 to 8

Provenance: Grown by Handy Nursery in Boring, OR.  Purchased from Birch Creek Garden Company and planted in 1998.