Location: There are two to the left and two to the right of the No. 12 fairway near the dogleg.

Tree information: Also called Swamp Oak. This plant was placed in 1996 when it was essentially hidden by the large Willow trees.   It was placed to protect the corner of the fairway as the Willows had done, knowing the willows had little time to go.  The tree usually has a strong central leader and its characteristic branching pattern with pendulous lower branches easily differentiates it from other oak trees.

Size: Usually to 70’ with larger old specimens exceeding 100’

Growth rate: About 2’ per year in ideal conditions.

Foliage description: Leaves have u-shaped lobe divisions as apposed the “c” shape of the scarlet oak.  The fall color varies year to year but can be spectacular if winter ascends quickly with bronze to red color.

USDA hardiness zone: 4 to 8

Provenance: Grown by Canby Nursery in Canby, OR.  Purchased from Birch Creek Garden Company.