Location: This tree is located to the right of the No. 12 fairway, just over the creek and is currently the only Cherry Bark Oak on the course.

Tree Information:  Previously called Quercus Falcata var. Pagodafolia. Also called Swamp Spanish Oak.  It is very tolerant of moist soils (thus the location).  In the wild can have branch free bases up to 50’.  Has a very small acorn favored by wildlife.

Size: 60’ to 110’ at maturity.  National Champion 123’x122’.

Growth Rate: Rapidly growing (30’ in 10 years).        
Foliage Description: Can be confused with Spanish Oak but differs from Spanish Oak which has leaves with narrow rounded bases (rather than wedge-shaped bases) and its lateral lobes often have simple acute tips because they are less likely to be divided into shallow secondary lobes.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 6 to 9

Provenance: The original seedling was obtained from the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.  It was sent by Dan Chisholm of Little Rock Arkansas in 1987 to Perry Camp, grown in the Crosshaven Nursery,  and transplanted at the expense of the Warren Bateman endowment.