Location: Our only Raywood Ash is to the left of the No. 16 green.

Tree information:  Also called the Claret Ash. This cultivar was identified in Austria in 1910 and introduced into the British nursery trade by 1928. It is native to southeastern Europe, Asia Minor and the Caucasus.  It is acid and alkaline tolerant.

Size: usually 40 to 50’ with older specimens to 80’+.

Growth rate: 24” per year living 50 to 150 years.

Foliage description: The leaves are narrow, whorled in fours under the terminal bud. Its most striking feature is a rich plumb purple fall color. 


USDA hardiness zone: 5 to 9

Provenance: Grown by Handy Nursery in Boring, OR.  Purchased from Birch Creek Garden Company and planted in 1994.