Location: Right of No. 11 fairway at the dogleg.

Tree information: This unusual Oak tree is rare to find and not available in the Nursery trade.  This is a durable cross of Quercus montana (prinus) with Quercus robur.  Named for the botanist Charles Sprague Sargent. The name originated from the Oaks in the Arnold Arboretum where these acorns were gathered (x sargentii 5883-A). 

Size: To over 70’ with equal or broader spread.

Growth rate: Moderate at about 1.5 feet per year.

Foliage description: Medium green with weak yellow fall color.

USDA hardiness zone: 3 to 9

Provenance: The acorns gathered in the Arnold Arboretum in 1991, sprouted in Schichtel’s green house that winter, transplanted into the Crosshaven Nursery the next year and moved to the course (donated by Perry Camp) using funds from the Warren Bateman endowment to pay for transport of the tree (which was 3” in diameter at the time) using a Big John Tree spade from Town and Country Tree Service.  The tree from which the original oaks emanate is a tree at Holm Lea (Sargent’s estate in Brookline, Mass.).  They arrived at the Arboretum on October 6, 1877. The original plants, which were 130 years old when the acorns were collected, are still growing on the Sargent Trail in the Arboretum. The original specimen is 84’.