Location: Right of middle tee on No. 9.

Tree information: Native to south eastern Europe and Asia Minor.  Introduced in 1735 as an ornamental tree in western Europe.   Seldom seen outside Arboreta. Known for impressive size of older specimens and heavy checkered bark pattern when mature. Tolerates alkaline soil.  Acorn cups ‘Hairy” as if covered with moss.

Size: Up to 120’ with broad spread.  These trees can become very large and stately.

Growth rate: Fast growing Oak (up to 3’ per year in ideal conditions).

Foliage description: weak yellow fall color.

USDA hardiness zone: 5 to 8

Provenance: Acorns gathered at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain Mass. In 1991. Sprouted in Schichtel’s Greenhouse and grown to transplant size in the Nursery at Crosshaven.  Donated to the course by Perry Camp and transplanted with the aid of the Warren Bateman endowment by Town and Country Tree service Big John Tree spade.   Acorns from this tree are now growing in the WWCC greenhouse nursery.