Location: Behind and overlooking the No. 16 green

Tree information: As per Red Oak above.

Size: 60 to 75’. National Champion 80 by 102’.

Growth rate: 1.5 to 2’ per year.

Foliage description: : Lobed leaf with terminal spine, Usually 7 to 11 lobes lustrous green in summer with russet to bright red fall color.

USDA hardiness zone: 3 to 8

Provenance: This tree was obtained from Northwest Shade Trees in Boring, OR and planted with a 650lb root ball by the friends of Warren Bateman in remembrance of his contribution to the Club and the golf course. He was among the first to realize that the course required a change in its arboreal profile and was instrumental in planting many of the earlier non-locust varieties to include the Dawn Redwood on No. 10 and some of the older Linden and Scarlet Oak trees.