Location: This tree is located to the left of No. 10 fairway.  There is currently only one on the course.

Tree information: This plant was thought to be extinct and had been described from fossils before it was found in china in 1941.  An expedition of the Arnold Arboretum was sent to gather seeds in 1947 and all the specimens now throughout the world come from that origin.  It is a popular plant in Botanical gardens.   Grows well in moist areas.

Size: 70 to 100’tall. May get larger.

Growth rate: May be fairly fast growing. 50’ tall in 20 years in good growing conditions.

Foliage description: Deciduous Conifer with feathery foliage bright green turning to orange brown in the fall before falling. Has a resinous cone similar to Sequoia.

USDA hardiness zone: 4 to 8

Provenance: This tree was planted by Warren Bateman on the sly.