Location:  The label is on one of the many Hungarian Oaks surrounding No. 14 from tee to green. Other Hungarian Oaks are found between the No. 7 fairway and the No. 8 fairway and near the tee on hole #13

Tree information: A member of the White Oak Family, the tree is native to southeastern Europe.  It is the dominant forest Oak tree in the Balkans.  It is used in cooperage and with medium toast has a perceived vanillin, chocolate and black pepper characteristic. The ‘Schmidt’ varietal is represented here.  The tree has a consistent symmetrical habit.

Size: Large, exceeding 125’ in height, 65’ broad and girth of 7’ in old specimens.

Growth rate: Moderate (1 to 2’ per year) to heights over 80’ tall.

Foliage description: Dark green above and pale green below with leathery consistency leaves with weak russet fall color.

USDA hardiness zone: 5 to 7

Provenance: Grown by J Frank Schmidt in Boring, OR and purchased from Birch Creek Garden Company.  Plantings started in 1992 and continued for several years after that.