Adult Tennis


Tennis Lesson Fee Schedule 

Private Lessons   

$70/ hour- Members
$80/ hour- Non-Members

Semi-Private Lesson- (2 people)

$35/ hour per person – Members
$40/ hour per person- Non-Members

3 Player Group Lesson- Private Group

$30/hour – Members
$35/hour- Non-Members

4 + Player Group Lesson- Private Group

$25/hour- Members
$30/hour – Non-Member

Scheduled Group Lessons

$25/hour per player – Members
$30/hour per player – Non-Members
1.5 hour group lessons-  Members $35- Non-Members $40

Cardio Tennis

$10 Members - $15 Non-Members     


Adult Tennis Classes

Adult Cardio Tennis 18+
Fast paced tennis exercise class set to music. So much fun you won’t know you’re exercising. Burn calories while improving shot making. Run and hit balls in group class set to music. Hit every shot in tennis from forehands to serves on the move while grooving to the music. Great fitness class, great tennis improvement class. Meet new fitness and tennis friends.
Fee:  $10/hr

Adult Beginning 18+
Learn the basic fundamentals of stroke production in fun progression format. A little tennis experience helpful but not necessary. Meet new people and have fun learning to play this great game in group setting. All basics covered by our most patient and qualified instructors. We will help you progress with our proven progressions of learning. It’s easy and fun 1 hour class.
Adult Intermediate 18+ (3.0 & up)
Follow-up program for beginners and for those with some tennis experience to improve stroke mechanics, footwork and court coverage. Some tennis experience necessary and prior lessons helpful. Take your game to the next level with our experienced professional coaches in a friendly group setting. Perfect those techniques. Get in great shape. Have a great time doing it. 1.5 hour class.

Adult Advanced 18+ (3.5 & up)
Significant tennis experience required. Master the advanced techniques of tennis with improved spin, control and power. Develop weapons and focus on mental toughness. Footwork and movement will be emphasized as well as tactics and strategies. Take you game to a new level and have a great time meeting other advanced players. 1.5 hour class Mostly live ball drilling and match play sequences.
Tennis – Adult Drill/Play Class 18+
The most fun and best workout classes ever! Play points in every conceivable combination. Baseline play, approach shots, net play, serves & returns and overheads. Rapid fire action will keep you on your toes and getting a great workout. Short point games will get you high fiving with your partners. 1.5 hour class.