Dates and Hours of Operation: 

  Monday-- 12pm-6:00pm
                     Tuesday-Friday-- 12pm-8pm (Beginning June 15th)
Saturday-- 12pm-8:00pm
  Sunday-- 12pm-6:00pm


Swimming Pool Rules:

The following rules and policies are published for the benefit of users of the swimming pool and are to be used as a guide in their relationships with the staff, other swimmers, guests and visitors, and the use of the swimming pool facilities.
1. General: Since the pool facility is primarily used by the membership’s children and their guests, it must be recognized that members have a responsibility to insure these policies and rules are understood and complied with by all members of their family.  Members will be held accountable for the behavior of their children and their children’s guests, and as such, their cooperation is necessary in order to insure successful operation of the facility for the benefit of every user.  In addition, it must be understood that all users of the swimming pool do so entirely at their own risk, therefore, it is in the best interest of all to know and obey the rules of operation.
2. Eligible Users: All members, their spouse, and any children under age twenty-one and living at home, or who are regularly attending an educational institution and under age 26, shall have pool privileges.  Employeed baby-sitters and members of  reciprocal clubs  shall also have free pool privileges .
3. Dates and Hours of Operation:
        a. The pool is normally opened each year during the last week in May and is closed during the first week in September.  Specific dates will be as announced in the Club Bulletin at the beginning and ending of each swimming season.
        b. Weather permitting, the pool hours are as follows

                                                                             Monday-- 12pm-6:00pm
                         Tuesday-Friday-- 12pm-8pm (BEGINNING JUNE 15th)
Saturday-- 12pm-8:00pm
Sunday-- 12pm-6:00pm
4. Swimming Pool Staff:
        a. Lifeguards:
                 (1) The Lifeguards are employed by the Board of Directors and works under the direct supervision of the General Manager.  The Lifeguards will be on duty each day the pool is open from 12 noon until 8:00 pm.  The Lifeguards’ primary responsibilities are to insure the pool is safe for all users, maintain swimming discipline, and provide rescue service.  The Lifeguards’ will not provide, or accept employment for, “baby sitting” services for any occupant of the pool.
                 (2) The Lifeguards may not provide private swimming lessons during normal pool hours.
                 (3) The Lifeguards have complete authority to expel anyone from the pool for misconduct or an infraction of the pool rules.
       b. Reprimanding Pool Employees:  Members will not directly reprimand any employee of the pool or Clubhouse staff.  If a member feels that an employee situation warrants a reprimand, a report will be made to the General Manager or the Board of Directors.
6. Guest Fees:
        a. Non-Relative Guests: $10.00 for each individual visit per person.  Individual visit fees must be charged to the member’s account.  No cash accepted.
7. Swimming Pool Rules:
        a. Registration: All persons entering the pool area must register with the Lifeguards before using the facility.
        b. Attire: All persons within the swimming pool enclosure must be clothed in swimwear, except for adults supervising small children.
        (1) Users must furnish their own towels.
        (2) Towel or cover-up is required in the adjacent patio area.
                 (3)Swimwear is not permitted on the Golf Course, or in the Clubhouse areas.
        c. Supervision: Persons under 12 years of age will not be permitted to use the facility unless under the direct supervision of an adult (16 or older) who is present and registered with the Lifeguard.  The supervising adult can enter the pool only when their charge is also in the pool and must devote the entire time to the discharge of their supervisory duties.
        d. Prohibited Items: Food, drink, gum and articles in breakable containers will not be allowed in the pool area.  In addition, users are cautioned that care should be exercised to insure other items such as bobby pins, coins, and rocks are kept out of the pool to avoid clogging the drains.
        e. Attire:  For health purposes…children still in diapers MUST wear a “swim diaper” to access the pool.  If you do not have a “swim diaper”, the Lifeguards will have them available for purchase at the price of $1.00. 
        f. Pool Etiquette:
                 (1) Running, wrestling, playing tag or rough-housing in general is prohibited not only in the pool enclosure but also in the restrooms, patio, or on the Clubhouse grounds when proceeding to and from the pool area.
                 (2) Air mattresses, inner tubes, and over-sized plastic toys are not allowed in the pool.