Pool News

Swimming Pool – News of a new pool may be part of the increased interest in membership at WWCC, but this large project has not been without complications and delays. Initial demolition and site preparation were completed early and under budget. This was followed by a change of pool contractor to a firm much better equipped to provide the scope and level of facility we were seeking. Working with them, the Facilities Committee members, WWCC staff and the Board of Directors explored several iterations of pool complex and further refinements until the best and current layout was settled upon. So, while little physical change was seen on site, a great deal of planning and development was being accomplished. This process was, like everything else, impacted by Covid which severely limited the issuing of our State permits to begin construction on the pool itself. Latest reports however suggest we should have a permit to start pool construction within 3 weeks. Project completion would then be projected within approximately 8 weeks thereafter. Though this regrettably puts us a month or more past our initial planned opening, everyone directly involved in the project’s planning and management is certain the delay will be worth the enhanced quality and scale of the new complex that has emerged through this process. In addition, it is planned to extend the pool open season later, into the early fall, to offset the late start.
Brad Johnson
Club President


Dates and Hours of Operation: TBA


Swimming Pool Rules:

  1. All users of the pool swim entirely at their own risk.

  2. All persons entering the pool area must register with the life guard before using the facility.

  3. Guest fee is $10.00 per visit per non-relative. 

  4. Attire: All persons within the swimming pool enclosure must be clothed in swim wear, except for adults supervising small children. Users must furnish their own towels. Towel or cover-up is required in the adjecnt patio area. Swimwear is not permitted on the Golf Course, or in the Clubhouse areas.

  5. A lifeguard will be on duty from 12 noon to 8 p.m.  The following dates: TBD
    This lifeguard is employed for your protection and has complete authority from the Board to expel anyone from the pool for misconduct or infraction of the safety and enjoyment of those using the pool facilities.

  6. The pool will be open for swimming from 12 noon to 6 p.m. Monday and 12 noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday thru Sunday, starting the last day of school. Subject to the following:  
    A) The pool may close at 5:30 pm if a private party is scheduled.

    B) The pool may close due to weather or for maintenance.

  7. Running, wrestling, playing tag and rough housing in general is prohibited on the deck area or around the pool, in the locker rooms or elsewhere in the Clubhouse or Clubhouse grounds.
  8. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the pool even when a lifeguard is on duty unless accompanied by a guarding 16 year old or older.