Walla Walla Country Club
Dress Code

A. GOLF COURSE, including all practice areas

    Attire intended for golfing activity and appropriate for the private golf club setting is required for all players.
    Men & Junior boys (age 6 and older):
    -Shirts must have collar and sleeves.
    -Shorts and slacks must have belt loops and zipper, and be approximately mid-thigh in length.
    Women & Junior girls (age 6 and older):
    -Shirts must have collar OR sleeves OR both.
    -Shorts, skirts or skorts must be approximately mid-thigh in length.
    -Skirt layer is required over leggings or yoga pants.
    Unacceptable Attire:
    -Blue denim jeans or shorts* (allowed from beginning of December to end of February)
    -Tee shirts or sports jerseys       
    -Sweats or athletic work out wear
    -Halter, Tank or tube tops
    -Steel spiked golf shoes


    Proper dress of members, guests and visitors will be expected at all times. Hosting members are responsible for appropriate attire of their guests.
    Formal Dining Room:
    -Sport coat required for men after 5:30 pm from November 1 through March 31. Young men under 16 may substitute a sweater for a sport coat.
    Remainder of the Clubhouse: (Lounge, Fairway Room, Banquet & Meeting Rooms, Card Room, 19th Hole and Outdoor Patio.)
    -Attire acceptable on the Golf Course is appropriate in all these areas, with the following exceptions:
    -Men’s Sports headwear is allowed only in the only in the lounge, 19th Hole and on the Outdoor Patio.
    -Neat, well-kept jeans are acceptable in the Clubhouse areas with the exception of the Formal Dining Room.


    All persons within the swimming pool enclosure must be clothed in swimwear, except for adults supervising small children.
    -Users must furnish their own towels.
    -Towel or cover-up is required in the adjacent patio area.
    -Swimwear is not permitted on the Golf Course, or in the Clubhouse areas.


    -Appropriate tennis attire is required at all times. Colored tennis apparel is allowed.
    -Men are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts.
    -Tennis attire is not acceptable on the Golf Course, on the Clubhouse patio or in the Clubhouse, except in the Men’s  or Ladies’ locker rooms.